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structured_wiringStructured wiring is a method of designing the communications infrastructure of your home in a well organized, easy to understand, and thorough way to provide a general solution to your present and future needs.  The structured approach is to consistently run a full bundle of wire to every significant room.

The options for wiring a home depend on your needs.  The purpose is to distribute several signals of data that channel through the house.  The signals channel to telephones, cable television, networks, and other items around the home.  Each room of the home will have a home run structure wire group run to a central location (garage, utility room, closet, etc.)

The beauty of structured wiring is you can run almost any technology over this system. The new wiring becomes the backbone of your electronic components.

The structured wiring method will allow you to add many features in the future as you need them. You could add video cameras, whole house audio, play DVDs in one room and watch them in another or create a simple home network.  The possibilities are endless and as more electronic components are created with IP addresses and ports it will become much easier to integrate all of your favorite electronics into a smart home feature.


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