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surveillance3Surveillance cameras have redefined security of homes and businesses.  The primary purpose of installing surveillance cameras is to deter thieves and criminals.

Surveillance cameras, whether installed by businesses or homeowners act as a powerful law-enforcement tool by helping to solve crimes and catch criminals. 

The use of surveillance cameras in the workplace help to reduce property damage, prevent theft, and increase personal safety.  At home, cameras make a powerful supplement to an alarm system, can oversee repairmen, can be used a baby monitor or a nanny-cam, and keep an eye on areas around the home.

samsung_group_dvrsDVRs (Digital Video Recorders)

DVRs allow images to be recorded at high resolution, high frames per second, and large file size.  Depending on the size of the hard drive in the DVR, you can expect to record anywhere from two weeks to several months.  DVRs are automatic.  Gone are the days of changing videotapes.  When you want to look at the recorded images, the DVR continues to record.  Images are time and date stamped and are very easy to review.  Most of our DVRs utilize IP (Internet Protocol) Technology.  This technology allows authorized users to view the camera images and control pan-tilt-zoom cameras or cameras with zoom capability over the internet. 





Bullet cameras, which are named for their small shape and size, are commonly used for outdoor applications.  Bullet cameras are 2 to 6 inches long and have infrared night vision capabilities. Some bullet cameras can transmit images as far as 300 feet in complete darkness.
A dome camera is encased in a dome that is tinted or smoked, making it hard for a person to tell what the camera is viewing.  Some of the features of dome cameras are day and night modes, infrared night vision, vandal proof domes, and weather proof domes.  Dome cameras can be fixed or pan-tilt-zoom.  

A pan-tilt-zoom camera (PTZ) has angling flexibility and wider coverage.  PTZ cameras are the most versatile cameras available.  Controlled by a pan-tilt-zoom control keyboard with joystick or the DVR, PTZ cameras can move left and right, move up and down, and zoom in or out.  PTZ cameras can rotate 360 degrees and view an object directly below them.  They can be set up to follow a certain pattern when not under user control.  One PTZ camera can give you the coverage of multiple fixed cameras.



A monitor is an essential component to any surveillance system, whether you have one camera or several.  We have a variety of high resolution, flat panel, LCD CCTV monitor options when it comes to monitoring your home or business.  ASI offers 15, 17, 19, 22, 32, and 40 inch monitors.   

ASI can design and install a surveillance camera system that meets your needs and budget.  Call us today for your extra set of eyes!





samsunglogoBased on 30 years of experience in optical and imaging technologies, Samsung Techwin has developed and released a wide range of advanced video security equipment including cameras and DVRs which utilize advanced digital signal processing ICs that are exclusive to these products.  Samsung Techwin is committed to acquiring the world's best technology and expanding its product portfolio. Engaged in a government R&D project - "The Development of Intelligent Surveillance and Guard Robots" - Samsung Techwin has actively participated in industry-wide innovation and unmanned projects.  The company plans to become a world leader in video security equipment and imaging applications by pioneering various potential image analysis applications derived from both its fundamental and applied technologies in high-performance cameras and robots.  Samsung is the world’s 11th largest company.